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  • To-Hit X, and the Heights of Magic

    Ah, shit. Well, I was going to write all those posts and changes I mentioned, and I did for a few, but then something came up, and then another thing came up, and now here we are a couple months… Read More ›

  • Adept Spell casting Mechanic

    So, the Adept’s spellcasting mechanic was spell points but I found that this was too tedious and required far too much book-keeping, since it was pretty well expected that an Adept’s spell points amy go up and down pretty much… Read More ›

  • Academic Year AAR

    Despite Advanced Lab’s best efforts, I have not yet died, and have now returned to blogging. This post really should’ve come little less than a month ago, around when we actually stopped playing, but what with finals, final projects, and… Read More ›

  • The Devil Princes of Carbax

    The sky has two suns. One provides life and light to the ring, glowing white and bright in the sky. The other is Carbax, the Devil Sun. It simmers red and hateful, day and night. It also gives life, but… Read More ›

  • Mendicant, Beggar Houses, and Caravansaries

    The Resplendent Empire contracted behind the Ochre River, as internal strife and external invasion gnawed at the borders. This saved the remnants of the state, but millions were left on the wrong side of the river, in depopulated towns and… Read More ›

  • Era of the Dead

    The Elves had favorites in their rule of the Ring. Humans and societies given the secrets of magic, life, and death. The hated lich-kings and reviled elves worked hand in hand. Following the Gigantomachy, as the elder folk waned, and… Read More ›

  • Damned Dirty Demi-Humans

    There weren’t many demi-humans in my campaign. None of these are playable right now, save half-elves. The campaign does not take place in the Bright Empire, but most demi-humans are nonetheless very rare in most of Eurus. Some classes will… Read More ›

  • The Zalim Desert

    I have returned. I will probably start running sessions again once the semester starts. This area will likely be very relevant. Without further ado: The Zalim Desert The Zalim Desert is cold. While the days do get hot enough in… Read More ›

  • The Sorcerer

    THE SORCERER The Universe is not as it seems. Magic flows through every element of creation. It hums in the stones and sobs in the winds. It glows white hot in the hearts of beast and men. It hides behind… Read More ›

  • The Sun Warden

    This class is a little more “typical” then the others. Next up is the sorcerer, then a druid class. THE SUN WARDEN Nearing the edge of the ring, the great steppes of Eurus turns to bitterly cold desert. For eons,… Read More ›

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