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  • The Zhl-Wi Adept

    I said I was going to post more Adept classes, and so I have after an entirely unreasonable amount of time. These guys are more or less different parts of the same religion of the Houhai Disciples I made when… Read More ›

  • Indulgent Setting Detail Part 2: Politics

    Now we take a break from writing rules and self-indulgent physical musings for my campaign, and turn instead to self-indulgent setting geography. What exactly is happening on the surface of this ring? The first thing everyone notices is that almost… Read More ›

  • Indulgent Setting Details Part 1: Bishop Ring

    I’m running a new campaign. I ended up as DM because I ended up having the most experience with D&D, despite that being almost none at all. My world takes place on a massive bishop ring. This post will talk… Read More ›

  • New Campaign + The Adept

    I’m running a new campaign, starting this Saturday.  I’m going to use a few of my own rules. Most of these are adapted from various unpublished systems/fragments my brother used for his campaign. While I’m here, I’m going to go… Read More ›

  • Artifacts of Nature

    Tigerkin Cloak A half cloak made from a skinned tiger, slashed down the length. Old and stained brown with blood. Once belonged to a hunter who learned his trade from tigers, and turned against them for profit. You are invisible… Read More ›

  • Well, that was weird

    But I’m back from China now! Lifestyle tip: if you want to update your blog in a foreign country, don’t use someone else’s laptop then forget to log yourself out afterwards.

  • Race as Class Troglodytes

    Troglodyte Troglodytes are amphibious humanoids, known for their physical toughness and atrocious scent. Most of them live in miserable underground villages called Welts carved out long ago, which are ironically quite common in deserts and the Empty Ring. Each Welt… Read More ›

  • You’re doing Changelings all wrong.

    NOTE: I wrote the first draft of this a while ago, didn’t like how it turned out, and then realized Arnold Kemp did something very similar with his Doppelgangers post before hand, so I dropped it. However, in the interest… Read More ›

  • Prominent Fleshcrafting Cults

    Shenti-jia The Puissant Guild of Shenti-jia specializes in the creation of contingents of giant flesh soldiers called the Fleshguards. They stand 10 feet tall and wield massive glaives and come fully equipped with armor. All their war atronachs are of… Read More ›

  • Fleshcrafter Cults

    DisCLAIMER: HEAVILY UNTESTED The fleshcrafters practice a trade as useful as it is distasteful in the eyes of many would be rulers. Through the arts of transmutation, animation, and the usage of the enigmatic blood silos, they produce servitors and… Read More ›

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