Diablerie: Forms

First, some taxonomy Demons: Aliens that are recognizably alive but not derived from human stock. Carbon based lifeforms, or close enough in any case. Maybe not understandable to human sensibilities but physics and such still apply. Daemons: Bizarro shit. Sentient… Read More ›

d10 Cursed Items

Cursed items. Who doesn’t love ’em? You pick them up, and they stick with you, either killing you or by simply refusing to permanently leave your inventory. Their effects are powerful and/or detrimental. Without further ado, ten for your consideration…. Read More ›

Fantasyworld Problems

An organizational post, for some ideas I have about shit you may have to put up with if you live in fantasyland. Some of these will get more fleshed out posts. Others might not. Gygesian Police Invisibility is immediately addictive,… Read More ›