Three Sorts of People

TW: some gore Cosmite Virgin births are not a terribly rare occurrence on the ring, and generally result from the movement of planets or other celestial bodies. In fact, the astromancers of Starhome can predict such occurrences with their usual… Read More ›

Three Phenomena in Nature

Spontaneous Driftwood Palaces They form on the banks of cloudy, forested rivers, and are all but guaranteed at oxbows. The structures rarely reach a man’s height, the name is derived from the great and growing example on the bend of… Read More ›

Godkeeper City-States

Inspiration from this post. Humans will worship anything, if it’s big or powerful enough. Humans throughout history have worshipped dragons, spirits of nature, and large orange masses of undifferentiated tissue. Humans themselves have ascended to a sort of godhood, either… Read More ›

Three Things

1. Mesonyte It will start from a single bud of pulsing orange tissue. Ideally, it will be dank, but this is not necessary for its growth. It feeds on human thoughts, non-intrusively, over the course of months, days, or years…. Read More ›

+3 Swords

I’ve been thinking about swords a lot recently. I think this is a common affliction in our hobby. I’ve also been thinking about running a campaign, an even more common and disruptive affliction in our hobby. I think the two… Read More ›

Diablerie: Forms

First, some taxonomy Demons: Aliens that are recognizably alive but not derived from human stock. Carbon based lifeforms, or close enough in any case. Maybe not understandable to human sensibilities but physics and such still apply. Daemons: Bizarro shit. Sentient… Read More ›