Month: October 2018

The Sorcerer

THE SORCERER The Universe is not as it seems. Magic flows through every element of creation. It hums in the stones and sobs in the winds. It glows white hot in the hearts of beast and men. It hides behind… Read More ›

The Sun Warden

This class is a little more “typical” then the others. Next up is the sorcerer, then a druid class. THE SUN WARDEN Nearing the edge of the ring, the great steppes of Eurus turns to bitterly cold desert. For eons,… Read More ›

The Zhl-Wi Adept

I said I was going to post more Adept classes, and so I have after an entirely unreasonable amount of time. These guys are more or less different parts of the same religion of the Houhai Disciples I made when… Read More ›