The Sun Warden

This class is a little more “typical” then the others. Next up is the sorcerer, then a druid class.


Nearing the edge of the ring, the great steppes of Eurus turns to bitterly cold desert. For eons, the inhabitants of that place warred and quarrelled for the access to the limited oases. No longer. The Reghurs of the Zalim Desert found a prophet, the first Sun Warden, four-armed and brimming with righteous fury, who cast down the demon blades and brought the whole of that nigh infinite expanse under their heel. Five generations past, the grip of the Sun Warden Church still holds most oases strongly. Order, law, and society have tamed the great desert, all by the will of the Sun Wardens.

Level XP HD Attack Power Breath Death Petrify Charms Spells Trick
1 0 1d6 +1 1 14 12 15 16 14 15
2 2000 2d6 +1 2 14 12 15 16 14 15
3 4000 3d6 +2 3 14 12 15 16 14 15
4 8000 4d6 +2 5 14 12 15 16 14 15
5 16000 5d6 +3 8 12 10 13 14 12 13
6 32000 5d6 +3 11 12 10 13 14 12 13
7 64000 5d6 +3 14 12 10 13 14 12 13
8 128000 5d6 +3 17 12 10 13 14 12 13
9 250000 6d6 +4 20 10 8 11 12 10 11
10 400000 7d6 +4 24 10 8 11 12 10 11
11 550000 8d6 +5 29 10 8 11 12 10 11
12 700000 9d6 +5 35 10 8 11 12 10 11
13 850000 nil +6 42 8 6 9 10 8 9
14 1000000 nil +6 50 8 6 9 10 8 9
15 1150000 nil +7 50 8 6 9 10 8 9
16 1300000 nil +7 50 8 6 9 10 8 9
17 1450000 nil +7 50 6 5 7 8 6 7
18 1600000 nil +7 50 6 5 7 8 6 7
19 1750000 nil +7 50 6 5 7 8 6 7
20 2000000 nil +7 50 6 5 7 8 6 7

Spellcasting Stat: Wisdom


  • Drink Nothing But Water.
  • Do Not Buy or Sell Any Drink.
  • Do Not Used Curved Swords


  • No penalty for casting in armor.
  • When you are in daylight or similar illumination, you gain a +1 to all rolls.


  • Your right hand and forearm bear various apparently natural marks (most notably a sunburst on the palm) and must be uncovered and unoccupied to cast spells. If the Sun Warden loses their right hand they can no longer cast spells.
  • You can not cast spells if suffering any status effects i.e. stunned, panicked, dazzled, etc.

To Players: You are an offensive juggernaut. You have very little utility, but can do an insane amount of damage and blind enemies. You can only help yourself; your allies can’t directly benefit from most of your spells and may in fact suffer for them. People in the Zalim Desert fear and respect you, as you are an integral part of the dominant power structure. However, as a church outcast or apostate, you have no rank. You are left-handed. 


Gain All for All Levels.

Level 1

Companion Light 0P per round D: Concentration T: Self

The Warden hold aloft your right hand, summoning a glowing ball that sheds light as a torch. The adept’s left hand must be doing nothing else during this.

Flare 1P D: 1 minute T: Designated Location R: 25 + 5/LVL ft. Sv Petrify Negates

The Warden generates a sudden burst of light at a designated point. If they cause the light to burst directly in front of a single creature, that creature is dazzled (-1d4 to all rolls) for 1 minute. Sightless creatures, as well as creatures already dazzled, are not affected by flare.

Level 2

Light Guard 1P D: Concentration T: Self

The Warden channels power through their right arm, causing a barrier or light to generate around their arm. For the duration, they gain a +3 parry bonus if they use their arm to deflect blows. The effect is not generally visible, only appearing occasionally as a solid shimmer on the arm’s surface.

Corollary 1P- Cast this as a free action.

Light Infusion 2P D: Concentration T: Light Source

The Warden pulls in nearby light sources to invigorate themselves. The targeted light source goes dark (but continues to burn if provided by fire) and grants 1d2 temporary HP per 10 ft. of radiant light that is provides, up to a maximum of 10d2. This spell does not work on the Warden’s Companion light but will work on other effects created by the Warden. If a creature composed of light is targeted, they take 1d4 damage (max 10d4) per caster level of the Warden, who heals for half.

Corollary 8P- Target all light sources in a 50 ft. radius instead.

Blinding Smite 1P D: 1d4 rounds T: Creature R: Touch

The adept lashes out with their right hand, making a touch attack. If it succeeds, the target takes 1d6 magical damage. The target’s eyes being to glow, blinding them for the duration unless the Sv vs. Petrify.  

Protection From Fire 2P D: 1 minute T: Self

The Warden blesses themselves against foul burning idolaters, gaining Moderate DR Fire, regardless of whether or not the fire is magical.

Corollary 4P- Gain Greater DR instead.

Corollary 8P- Gain Total DR instead.

Level 3

Luminous Ray 2P D: Instant T: Creature R: 120 ft. Sv Spells for half, negate dazzle

The Warden holds their palm forward, blasting their target with unbearably bright rays of light. The targeted creature takes 2d4 radiant damage and is dazzled for 1 round.

Corollary 2P Each- Summon an additional ray, targeting any creature in range, maximum 5 rays.

Inner Luminance 3P D: 1 minute T: Self

The Warden blesses themself and begins to glow slightly, shedding light as a candle. The Warden gains the benefits of being illuminated as outlined above, but any sighted creature gains +2 to hit the Warden. All light sources within 30 ft. have a 50% chance of going out immediately.

Flash 3P D: Instant T: 30 ft. radius R: 50 + 5/LVL ft.

The Warden creates a massive flash of blinding light at the target area, causing all within to be stunned and blinded for 1d4+1 rounds. If the affected save vs Petrify, they are only stunned instead. Every light in a 60 ft. radius of the Warden has a 75% chance of going out.

Daylight 3P D: Concentration T: Self

The Warden focuses power into their companion light, causing it to glow as bright as full daylight in a 60-foot radius, and dim light for an additional 60 feet beyond that. Creatures that take penalties in bright light also take them while within the radius of this magical light. Despite its name, this spell is not the equivalent of daylight for the purposes of creatures that are damaged or destroyed by bright light, but it will grant the illumination bonus to the Warden.

Daylight brought into an area of magical darkness (or vice versa) is temporarily negated, so that the otherwise prevailing light conditions exist in the overlapping areas of effect.

All light sources within 100 ft. of the Warden go out. This spell may be cast as a reaction.

Level 4

Mirror Image 3P D: 1d6 rounds T: Self

Two illusory duplicates of the Warden pop into being, making it difficult for enemies to know which target to attack. The figments stay near the Warden and disappear when struck. Enemies attempting to attack the Warden or cast spells at the Warden have an equal chance of hitting any on of the images or the real Warden. Any successful attack against an image destroys it. An image’s AC is 10 + your size modifier + your Dex modifier. All light sources within 30 ft. have a 50% chance of going out immediately.

Corollary 4P- conjure two additional images

Light Barrier 5P  D: 1d6 rounds T: Self

An invisible barrier envelops the Warden, and has a 50% chance to block the damage of any incoming physical attack. If the barrier blocks an attack, it disappears. The effect is usually invisible, only appearing occasionally as a dull shimmer of light on the part of the surface of Warden’s body. This spell may be cast a reaction.

All light sources within 30 ft. have a 75% chance of going out immediately.

Brilliant Blade 5P D: 1d6 rounds T: Weapon in Hand

The Warden blesses their blade, causing it to glow as a torch. In addition, the blade gains a +4 to-hit any sighted creature, deals an additional 1d6 radiant damage, and is treated as magical for the purposes of calculating damage reduction. The adept must wield the weapon with their right (suffering a -4 penalty to hit for off-handed usage) or both hands, and thus can not cast spells.

Extinguish 5P D: Instant R: 150 ft. 30 degree cone

The Warden gestures mightily, extinguishing all non magical flames in the area of effect. Creatures made of flame take 1d4 damage per level of the Warden, max 10d4.

Corollary 5P- Magical flames are also extinguished, flame creatures take 1d8 damage per level of the Warden, max 10d8.

Level 5

Hand of Light 5P D: Concentration or 1 Turn T: Self C: 10000sp in materials required for ritual scarification, only paid once.

The Warden unlinks their holy arm from the mundane one, effectively gaining an extra arm . This arm is usually invisible, except for the occasional dull shimmer that reveals part of the shape of the arm and the ritualistic tattoos carved into. The Warden’s right hand is mundane and bears no marks. Spells may be cast out of the invisible arm while the right is now free to act.

All light sources within 60 ft. have a 75% chance of going out immediately.

Wall of Light 8P D: 1 Turn R: 120 ft.

A wall of light appears at the behest of the Adept. It can be in any orientation, and can be free floating or on a surface. It can be up to 60 feet long, 10 feet high, and 5 feet thick. It blocks line of sight, but things can pass through it. It emits 120 feet of bright light and an additional 120 feet dim light. Creatures in the wall’s space when it is created take 2d6 radiant damage and must Sv vs Petrify with a -4 penalty or be blinded for 1d4 rounds. Any creature that ends their turn within the wall takes 1d6 radiant damage.

All light sources within a 200 ft. radius go out immediately.

Sunburst 5P D: Instant T: 100 ft. line

The Warden blasts a beam of frightfully incandescent light out of their palm, dealing 6d6 radiant damage to and blinding and stunning every creature in a line. A save vs petrify halves the damages and prevents the blinding.

All light sources within a 100 ft. radius go out immediately.

Summon Lantern Archon 8P D: 1 Turn

The Warden creates a Lantern Archon in their palm. The Lantern Archon appears as a small ball of light that glows as a torch, in addition to the following stats:

Lantern Archon: 1HD; SZ -3; MV2; AC 24; Luminous Ray (as spell, single ray);  Total DR Physical

By default, the Archon will orbit the Warden, providing the illumination bonus to them and lackadaisically firing their Luminous Ray at a random enemy each round. The archon can be ordered to scout ahead, or hold a position. The archons can not speak themselves but occasionally echo fragments of what was said around them. The Warden may have three Archons active at any one time. All light sources within a 200 ft. radius go out immediately.

Level 9

Sudden Burst 30P D: Instant  T: Creature of SZ0 or greater R: 30ft. Sv Petrify Negates

The Adept converts a creature purely into light, causing a massive nova of radiance to blanket an area 1+SZ hundreds of feet h in radius. The target must Sv vs Petrify or perish instantly as this happens. Anyone within the area of effect must save vs petrify or take 8d8 radiant damage be stunned for 1 turn, and go blind for 1d4+1 weeks (permanently on max duration). On a successful save the damage is halved, the stun duration reduced to 1 minute, and the blindness duration reduced to 1 week. This spell may only be cast outside during the daytime, and all light sources within 10 miles go out immediately. The sun only provides dimness after casting this spell.

Summon Light Spectre 15P D: 1d4 Turns or Concentration  R: 30ft.

The Warden generates a mighty light spectre to serve them for the duration. The Warden must focus on nothing but commanding the spectre, lest they lose control. Taking damage forces the Warden to save vs Spells or lose control of the spectre.  The spectre is nearly invisible except in dim conditions, where a thin stringy humanoid form can be seen. It attacks by focusing its ‘limbs’ into concentrated beams of intense light, which slice through flesh, metal, or stone alike. The light spectre has the following stats:

Light Spectre: 6HD+4; SZ1; MV2; AC 20; Luminous Ray (as spell, 3 rays) or Limb/Limb  2d10/2d10; Total DR Physical; MR10

Taken more or less directly from Yoon-Suin.

The spectre continues to exist for the duration of the spell, even if the caster loses or gives up concentration. Under its own control, the light spectre attacks randomly. All light sources within a 200 ft. radius go out immediately.


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