Prominent Fleshcrafting Cults


The Puissant Guild of Shenti-jia specializes in the creation of contingents of giant flesh soldiers called the Fleshguards. They stand 10 feet tall and wield massive glaives and come fully equipped with armor. All their war atronachs are of superlative quality, and the rate at which they produce them implies industrial efficiency. The Warring States have employed their battalions to great effect; most infantry is utterly helpless against them. Their servitors are the longest lasting, and it is said that a full millenia can pass for they begin to decay. They have discovered a method of prolonging human life, but it is prohibitively expensive, in one case costing half of a kingdom. The king would have agreed to it, had he not been assassinated. The bloodtown of Shenzhou is torn by an inter-cult war between two purportedly immortal cult leaders who have hated each other since their childhood.

FleshguardsHD 6+6, MV 4, AC 20 Greater Rs Phys, Glaive 1d12+4

Smart enough to follow complex military commands. 20000sp
All atronachs meant to fight have +2HD/to-hit, and cost 20% more.

All atronachs take half the time to produce (one week opposed to two).


Located in the lands of the West, the Cult on the Sea is the most powerful of the . Their specialty is aquatic models that patrol the waterways of the gulfs and rivers. The infamous whale-like Sea Hounds are their work. These specimens are huge, highly aggressive, and can reduce smaller ships to sawdust within a minute using their long mouths filled with gnashing teeth. Amphibious contingents of humanoid warriors are also frequently employed. By far their most famous works are the Lotus Whales, which can enclose an entire legion (more often other atronachs) and carry them over and underwater. However, as a result of the reagent they use for nerve tissue, their creations are unruly and can go rogue, sometimes wondering far afield. The corresponding town of Samaris is built on the coast, with the flesh silo itself out a mile or two from shore, the mouth elevated to prevent flooding. The cult itself commands a large trade fleet, and many rich families within the town maintain their own.

Sea Hounds– HD 6, MV 5 (Aquatic), AC 12 Rs Phys, Charge 1d12, Gnash 1d12+1d6 per round
Will mostly target small ships, but will also target single creatures or closely grouped ones. Charge does damage in a line. If gnash attack succeeds, you are now in its mouth and will take 1d6 damage per round until escape (dex check or something). 12000sp

Lotus Whales– HD 8 MV 3 (Aquatic), AC 10 Rs Phys, Tail Whip 1d10 (-4 to hit)

Can carry up to a hundred human-sized beings with three hours of air. Will try to flee battle but if forced to fight will make pathetic flailing attempts with tail that can nonetheless hit multiple enemies. 14000sp

Aquatic– The atronach can now travel in water at MV 3. 3000sp

Maladapted Control Cluster– every atronach made by Sarmaris must save every other week or go rogue and start attacking/running away from anything and everything.


Flesh cultists are ill reputed the world over, but the Putrid Cult of Nalian is especially well-disliked. Their town is comparatively tiny; inhabitants within the cult and without openly practice necromancy and other dread magicks. Hedonism, madness, and chaos reigns. Key hring area for war mages. The cultists of Nalian make their atronachs with closable maws on their bodies, where they store dangerous creatures such as disease bearing mosquitoes or deadly aggressive wasps to be spewed forth at a later date. One of their favorite tricks is making atronachs that spew deadly flesh burrowing maggots great distances. Yeah, not a good look. On a less disgusting note, they also make multi-limbed servitors capable of carrying more than twice their body weight. It is also rumored that the cultists have also discovered the secret of creating undead atronachs, but if so they keep this secret intensely well-guarded. Unlike other cults, that of Nalian may be willing or even eager to experiment.

Six-limbed– HD4, MV 3, AC 12 Rs Phys

Can carry up to four tons of goods on its hooks, but not very smart and prone to falling off cliffs. You may want to travel alongside them to make sure they don’t wander off. 14000sp

Hive Artillery– a large body cavity filled with deadly or at the very least unpleasant critters, which the atronach can spew out on command.

Hive Artillery Ammo

  • Curling Maggots, 30’ cone, all in area must save vs breath or be covered in maggots that deal 1d4 damage, damage die size increasing each turn until they spend a turn scraping them off. 600sp refill.
  • Mosquitoes, 15’ cone, all in area are stunned (can only move or attack) and must make a save vs disease or contract malaria. 600sp refill.
  • Hornets. Basically releases a hornet swarm, but you can target it. Range of 15’. 800sp refill.
  • Really, any sort of creature, with the caveats that it must be solid and not bigger than a human face.

Extra Limbs– this cult can add extra arms, up to two sets, 2000sp per limb, or 3500sp if bought as a set.


The cultists of the Beloved Circle specialize in the creation of massive quadrupeds called Dramsta. Instead of a head, they have massive articulated jaw. Think interlocked fingers with sharp hooks on the end. While their bite can turn a human body into mince-meat, those hooks are often made to carry things; one princess famously chose to be transported everywhere in a cage carried by one such Dramsta. Brdomis specializes in the creation of quadrupedal forms (albeit with human limbs) and excellent sensory organs, as well as comparatively high intelligence. This is the most beloved of all the cults; they frequently give gifts of atronachs to royalty the world over, and invest heavily in painting and tattooing their golems for the sake of pageantry.

Dramsta– HD4+4, MV 5, AC 16 Rs Phys, Jaw/Hands 1d12/1d6/1d6

Incredibly intelligent, like movie dog sidekick intelligent. Also aggressively, even problematically loyal. Can carry three people on their back and up to one ton in their jaw. Prey Eyes included. 20000sp

Quadruped Form– As basic golem, but with base MV4 and no attack.

Prey Eyes– Gives ability to see as far as a human, as well as increased awareness(whatever system you use for surprise, they’re better at it). 2000sp

Predator Eyes– Gives ability to see as far as a human and 60’ low light vision. 4000sp

Latch Jaw– Basically a bear trap. 1d6 damage, on successful hit latched onto target and lowers MV by one. Serrated- does an additional 1d4 damage every turn latched. 2000sp(+2000sp)

Mount Cluster– Allows a atronach of sufficient size to be mounted and controlled basically as a horse. 3000sp

Molar Nose– Can track quarry over great distances by scent. As B/X Tracking Talent. 4000sp


The Magnanimous Cult of Idainiku is the only cult in the East known to create flying atronachs. They are essentially hot air balloons that can be made to float in a certain direction if there is no wind. Often only one organ can be attached to the bottom of the balloon, the most common one being a gland that disgorges what essentially is human stomach acid. The cult is also known for the strange assortment of organs they produce, both for their flyers and their humanoid servants. They also own great tracts of rice farms, and easily rival smaller states in size, and their crops are shipped all around the east. Notorious salesmen and hucksters.

Cutaneous Balloon– HD1, MV 2, AC 10

Fragile sacks of flesh filled with buoyant gases. Highly flammable. Does not come with any weapons, and unusually dumb (buggy? glitchy?). Only has a 4 in 6 chance of doing shit correctly. Can generally only carry one organ. 4999sp.

Acid Gorge– Basically bubbles out acid as a melee attack for other atronachs, but on a Balloon can drop it on a square from a great height. 1d6 damage per round until scrapped off. 2999sp, refills 199sp

Self-Igniter– Almost exclusively seen on Balloons, can ignite the flammable gases within, causing them to brightly flare and drop to the ground, dealing 1d6 damage to anything it manages to land on (not likely). Small enough to be coupled with an extra organ. 999sp

Lightning Flower– All lightning will be drawn to this organ and redirected out of the organ’s ‘stamen’, allowing it to be aimed. Other atronachs suffer normal damage, and Balloons ignite and die instantly. 3999sp

All Seeing Eye– A compound eye in the shape of a disco ball. Gives 360 (720?) degree vision up to human sight range. 4999sp

Screamer– Basically a vocal box. Can be programmed to scream, curse, or generally make extremely unsettling noises. Can’t be turned off. 1999sp

Mimic Box– Copies up to a minute of sound and replays it, ad nauseum. 2999sp

The table below can be used to generate a quick cult.

Roll Specialty Quirk
1 War Intelligence- can follow more complex orders, such as tactical movement Iron-deprived. Need shipments from nearby settlements and kingdoms. Less independent as a result.
2 Quadrupeds- can make quadrupeds Wizards. Most of the practicing cult are also practicing wizards.
3 Aquatic – can make aquatic forms Slavers. Despite their possibly preferable use as flesh, slaves are widely used by the cult for labor
4 Servitors- 1d6, 1-4 their servitors carrymore 5-6 can build things/follow more complex instructions. Gentle. The cult has somehow acquired noble titles and is essentially run by a noble family, and likely has powerful regional/international ties.
6 Small- can make smaller atronachs, 1d4-2 extra SZ difference, min 1 Industrialized. Half time to produce all atronachs. Probably filthy rich.
7 Large- can make larger atronachs 1d4-1 extra SZ difference, min 1 Hedonist. The cult members love all things luxury and witter away production time in trivial pursuits.
8 Perceptive- can make more powerful perception organs Expansionist. Has taken to very slow military conquest and “liberation” in the vein of more traditional rulers. Probably a regional power
9 Extra Limbs- 1d6, even arms, odd legs, half rounded down is number of extra sets, min 1 Businessmen. Own more guilds/land/industries than usual, including those not involved with fleshcrafting.
10 War Ferocity- +1d4HD or 1d4 to-hit Factious by specialty. Roll again on specialties table, and/or split existing specialties into two factions. Factions are (1d6) 1-2 tense 3-4 actively noncooperative 5-6 fighting a shadow war.
11 Defense- can make atronachs extra tough through a variety of methods Factious for some other reason.
12 Weird. See Nalian/Idainiku Savant. Roll again on specialties table. One of the cultists specializes in that instead. If the same as the cult, go totally wild.

Of course, there is a table for the corresponding blood town and silo.

Roll Population Silo Radius Silo Depth Industry Industry 2
1 >1000 250’ 500’ Extra Ironworks. Iron weapons cost 20% less. School of Astronomy. Observatories in the hinterlands.
2 1000-2000 500’ 1000’ Apothecary District. All medicine is 10% off and rare healing materials can be found Wizard Cabals. More than usual, and of all schools, even those usually banned.
3 2000-5000 500’ 1500’ Extensive underground Sewer/Runoff System. Impeccably clean streets and less likely to suffer outbreaks. Actual Wizard University. Cheaper tuition than most, but you have to give up your body to the cult at 60.
4 5000-10000 500’ 2000’ Mercenary Camp. Cheaper by 10% and 50% more of them. Exiled Subversives. 1d6: 1-2 Anarchists 3-4 Religious ‘Fanatics’ 5-6 Basically Communists
5 5000-10000 1000’ 2000’ Extensive Aqueduct Systems. The tops serve as priority roads for the cultists. Incredibly prosperous trader families/guilds. Exercise considerable regional power. Cult is afraid.
6 5000-10000 1000’ 2000’ Assassin Order(s). Will not target the cult. Foreign Embassy of a very strange and strangely distant land.
7 10000-20000 1000’ 2000’ Master Poisoners. Can craft all sorts of deadly and rare poisons. School of Theology. Heterodoxy and outright heresy runs amok. Upper faculty at center of personality cult.
8 10000-20000 1500’ 3000’ Noble Exiles. A noble or once powerful family has taken refuge with the cult. Manhunters. Specialists in going out and capturing slaves for use in the silos. Basically bandits.
9 10000-20000 1500’ 4000’ Refugees. 1d6: 1-2 1-2 <1000, 3-4 1000-5000, 5-6 >5000 Massive Black Market. Every bloodtown has one, but this one is a massive center for moving hot goods.
10 20000-40000 1500’ 5000’ Menagerie. Exotic and dangerous animals for sale. Master Brewers. Delicious beers, and a great many bars as well.
11 20000-40000 2000’ 6000’ School of Medicine. There practice far exceeds even that of the cult. Immoral but potentially helpful. Tattooists/Painters. Mostly decorate atronachs but can get you inked as well. Rare colors and excellent designs.
12 >40000 2500’ >6000’ School of Engineering. Masters of defensive fortification and siege technology. Traveling Troupe. Nomadic circus makes their headquarters here, and members linger throughout the year. Useless but cool to watch.


I decided to roll one up using this method. Warning: flavor added.

1 9 2 2 8 1 10 1

The Turquoise Cult of Gehran specializes in the creation of siege atronachs. Their breachers can scale most walls with ease, scurrying up like flesh colored insects. They also have many sapper good, capable of assembling siege engines or undermining structures tirelessly. The college hosts its own school of Conjuration magicks and also maintains a legendary menagerie, rumored to be supplemented with summoning. The silo’s location in the mountains and relatively small population attracted the attention of a royal astronomer, who managed to force the cult to allow the Observatory to be constructed – the cult is notably reliant on outside trade to provide flesh. Everyone calls it the Turquoise Observatory, even though it is named after the astronomer. Tensions between the astronomers and cultists are high, with the cult resenting the often elderly astronomers’ exemption from the flesh heriot.

Breachers– 2HD+4, MV 4, Climb 2, Rs Phys

Attack depends on weapons. Can carry two one hand weapons or a crossbow. Other limbs are for climbing. Can follow tactical orders. 12000sp

Atronach Sapper Corp-  2HD, MV 3, Rs Phys

Can not fight, but can assemble siege machines and mine tunnels in a fourth of the time. Will need siege engine components prepared for them. When operating the engines they halve reload time. Includes instruction manual detailing what engines they can make. Twelve of them. 80000sp.


Climbing Limbs– Gives climbing MV 2. 2000sp.


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