Damned Dirty Demi-Humans

There weren’t many demi-humans in my campaign. None of these are playable right now, save half-elves. The campaign does not take place in the Bright Empire, but most demi-humans are nonetheless very rare in most of Eurus. Some classes will be closed to each race, and a few will have unique adept classes.

I’ve also decided to revise the size of the ring. It is now only 70000 km in radius. The rotation still takes a full day. The “gravity” of the ring is provided by its mass, in which case everything must necessarily be on the outside of the ring (inside the net gravitational effect would be zero) or gravity must be provided by some other, potentially magical mechanism. Another possibility is asymmetry within the ring’s structure. The area under the tower and the directly opposite patch of ring could be composed of ultra dense material, generating a local gravitational field. In fact, you could probably have four of these, with large voids between them.

I’ll have to mull this over, but I feel the ideas I have for the creation of the ring could justify the existence of artificial gravity without needing those stand-ins.


Technically just the top moiety of their namesake empire, but claimed by detractors and dissidents to be nonhuman. Confirming this is quite difficult, as all of them go about wearing full body armor or similarly obfuscating clothing. Certainly seem far lankier and taller than regular humans. Rumors abound that they have three eyes, that their mouth is on their forehead, that they have no eyes at all. Masters of destructive magicks, which is not aiding their public image.


Extinct. Said to be immortal, capable of regenerating horrific wounds. Masters of alchemy, necromancy. Complete bastards. Left ruins all over the place; scholars suspect the giants killed them all.


Spread over the Antezephyr edges of Zephyria. Sky-Elf empire claims dominion over all of elfkind. Including those outside their mountain ranges. Half-Elves don’t live longer than humans, but they do have pointy ears and tend toward slimmer builds. Only demi-humans the Bright Empire can tolerate.


Winged humanoids, all female. Had complex if technologically simple (their hand/talons are not good for tool usage) societies, now “united” with Sky-elves. Second class citizens or slaves. Many kept by the state as messengers, as they fly as well as they walk. Native culture basically gone by now.


Live in the shadow of the border mountains, driven there by Bright Empire. Known as the silent folk. Wildly intelligent with eidetic memory but only 1 in 10000 can process or form speech. Highly gestural language, so subtle that most humans can’t read or use it. Shorter than humans, live to 150, arms disproportionately long. Histories all destroyed, writing unreadable, culture adrift in the mountains.


Age to pubescence, then remain at that age for roughly 100 years before aging the rest of the way to adulthood, reproducing,  and dying within five years. Powerful empathic abilities, can alter reality with the sheer power of groupthink. Live in communes, where everyone is approximately the same age. Hair is part of their brain, and is mostly gray- the same color as their nerves. Their eyes are flat grey as well. Large grey nerves visible through their skin. Spread all over, but most in Eurus were driven to the peripheries and isolated places by the Bright Empire.

Zosterians (Troglodytes)

Re-write of my older troglodyte race-as-class. Amphibians that form a symbiotic relationship with pond scum/lichen. Once had great underground society, destroyed and separated by Bright Empire. Trogs can only have one lichen/pond-scum for life- removing it kills them. Most common type is edible shaggy plants sprouting form their skin, making them look like they’re wearing ghillie suits. Incredibly pragmatic.


What it says on the tin. Massive empire, overthrown by the Bright Empire. Masters of mathematics. Lower classes were legged, upper classes had tails. Also destroyed by Bright Empire. You may notice a theme emerging.

Malactins (Diamondbacks)

Humanoids with large armored backs. Hunched over from their own weight. Clannish, strong, mistrustful, and nomadic. Once had five kingdoms in the lowlands of Bod until they were destroyed by -drumroll- the Bright Empire.

Ponilins (Jungle-kin)**

Furred humanoids, orangutan-like. Tribal, live deep in jungles and woods of Eurus. Driven deeper in by the Bright Empire’s support of humans in the area. Secretive, furtive, but generally peaceful. Trappers and ambushers.

Giants and Titans

Too many to list. Most common in Xul, and formerly Eurus before events tentatively linked to the Bright Empire drove most of them out. Used to practically rule over all of Eurus, in fact. Most common that are left over is the Lava Lords, Oni, and Cyclopes.


Goblins. Many different subspecies. Aye-aye-like creatures most common type. Basically pests these days, in most of Eurus.


There are said to be dozens of strange creatures living on the boundaries of Xul. Bear-folk, Olms, and Froggins are all said to dwell that land, and many more. Some rare species still persist in Zephyria and Eurus, but are not well known, or thought extinct. Grasshopper Men*** are native to the strange continent of Akerhta. Visitors of that land tell strange tales of the Sea-Hags, pale creatures that stand upright like a man, but whose face opens to circular rows of teeth.

*Skerple’s Tomb of the Serpent Kings

**This post from Throne of Salt

***If you have yet to read noism’s Yoon Suin, do so at the nearest opportunity.

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