The Inhabitants of The Fifth Moon, stats

Followup from this post. You can learn what all these things are there.


HDAC leather  Bite 1d4 Speed Fast Int Better than yours  Mor 7

Naga Determinism- At the beginning of combat, the naga rolls 3 d20’s. At any point, it can substitute these d20’s for one of their rolls.
Spellcaster- The naga can cast spells as a wizard or holy man of level equal to its HD.
Obedient- A naga will always follow a more powerful naga, as determined by their knowledge of their names.

Greater Naga

HDAC chain  Bite 1d4 Speed Fast Int Better than yours  Mor 8
Greater Naga Determinism- As above, but with 5 d20’s. Once per combat, they may substitute someone else’s roll.

Naga Maestro

HDAC chain  Bite 1d4 Speed Fast Int Better than yours  Mor 8
Master Naga Determinism- As above, but they may substitute the another character’s roll at will. The first time the naga would die, an improbable event somehow intervenes.

Nagas want to increase the knowledge of their own names, and will give their petitioners bizarre tasks that somehow further this goal. However, they are also obligate carnivores and will usually barter for livestock. Lacking hands or arms, they also need semi-willing peons to write things down, open doors,brush their teeth, etc. Rural widows with magical talent often fill this role. Finally, they like a degree of isolation, and often require hired help to chase off petitioners.

Bizarre Naga Requests (1d8)
1. What’s in your pocket? How did it get there? Who owned it before you? Are you planning on giving it to anyone?
2. Go to this non-dangerous location, memorize the layout, prominent features, acoustics, and general ambience. Report back to me.
3. See that sandy area? Draw parallel lines/circles/rectangles/hexagons in the sand, of varying size until I tell you stop. (The area is the size of a football field, and the naga will ask them to erase their work several times over the course of a week.)
4. Swallow this deadly poison, and tell me what it tastes like.
5. Count these hay straws/pine needles/pins, within 10% accuracy, please.
6. Put a few drops of ink into this jar of water, and describe the motion of he spreading ink to me. What patterns do you see? Does it favor the left?
7. Go to this not immediately obviously dangerous location, memorize the layout, prominent features, acoustics, and general ambience. Report back to me.
8. Drop this very valuable, very breakable object from a very tall place, collect the remains, and bring them to me.

Naga Cannibal

HD12 AC chain  Bite 1d8 Speed Ferociously Fast Int Tiger-like  Mor 10
Immortal- The naga cannibal can not be killed. Reducing it to 0 HP will temporarily kill it, but after a week, month, year, decade, century, or millenia, it will arise and hunt again.
A ferocious, degenerate form of naga, with no spellcasting abilities or ability to manipulate fate. Possibly all time-clones of the same mad naga that originally walked this path. Basically boogeyman and vampires in naga culture. Called the Nameless, because of course it is.


HD0 (1 hp) AC naked  Bite 1d4 Time Suck 1d6 years 10′ Speed Literally a slug Int Teenager Mor 3
Time Eater- The chalog grows in power as it consumes time from unsuspecting creatures. It can suck away time from an unwilling target, but only a quarter of the time from this counts towards the creature’s “year total”. A human can donate time to a chalog for a 1 to 1 exchange rate, however. The number of years required to promote a Chalog is 2 to the power of their current HD.

1 year- HD1
2 years – HD2, bite is now 1d8. Flesh now defends it as leather.
4 years – HD3, will be servile to anyone who promotes to here from HD0. Gains arms to drag itself around on, upgrading its speed to slow. Also has two 1d6 claw attacks if it stands still. About the size of an adolescent human.
8 years – HD4, time suck attack now ages by 1d10 years, Morale increases to 5
16 years – HD5, gains stubby legs that let it move slowly without needing to forfeit its attack.
32 years- HD6, its rubbery flesh is now tough enough to reduce all physical damage by 1. About the size of a human. Bite is 1d12. Hirelings must Sv Fear at the sight of the Chalog.
64 years- HD7, time suck now ages by 1d20 years, flesh gives it protection as chain.
128 years – HD8, arms lengthen greatly, and grow sharp carapace. Claw attacks now have reach and deal 1d8 damage. They can also vault themselves around very quickly on their arms if they give up their attacks (for that pair). Horse-sized.
256 years – HD9, additional set of arms. Time suck is now ages d66 years. Legs gain carapace, giving a 1d6 kick attack. The size of an elephant.
512 years – HD10, additional set of arms. Carapace now protects as plate. Grows venomous spurs on their legs. The venom causes drowsiness, and makes the target more compliant (and more likely to give up their years willingingly)
1024 years – HD11, the impossibly hard carapace halves all physical damage. Time suck ages 1d100 years. Now the size of a giraffe.

By promoting a Chalog to HD3 from HD0, one can gain a powerful and loyal servant, although maybe not an effective one. Chalogs are cowardly, even when they grow into nigh unhittable, six-armed killing machines, and will flee if reduced below half health. They also have a tendency to get distracted, and prioritize sucking up time at the expense of completing their missions. However, they will always return to their master.

Chalog Cocoon

HD12 AC plate Speed Immobile Int Rock-like 
Time Dilation– Time immediately around the cocoon is heavily dilated, and anyone within 5′ of it has their time slowed. For every minute they spend there, 1d8 minutes pass on the outside. The effect does get stronger closer to the cocoon, and for this reason they often have “DO NOT TOUCH” signs around them, since limbs will rot off.
Indestructible- The weave and strength of individual threads make the cocoon immune to all damage.

When a chalog gains enough years to reach HD12 (2048) it forms a cocoon out of threads the color and opacity of green-tinged oil spill. These threads are metamaterials, and if used to make armor they act as chain, but are as light as normal clothes. Wearing them causes the wearer to age at double rate. They also have strange effects, based on which cocoon thy are drawn from. Making enough for a cuirass or backpack requires 1d6 years of work to extract the threads.

Chalog Thread Effects (1d8)
1. The fiber’s color is distinctly washed out and gray, and is a nearly perfect insulator, and electricity attacks merely spot-heats wherever they strike. This heat can be drawn off with a conductor and used to quickly start a fire.
2. The fibers react to ultraviolet radiation, and in addition to glowing incredibly with phosphorescence, they give a bonus to defense in sunlight.
3. The fibers, when viewed from a certain angle, reflect light and matter. When an enemy rolls a 7 or 14 on their attack, they must reroll the result.
4. The fibers look are black and store entropy, and can release it randomly. On an attack roll of 20 either by or against the wearer, and wave emanates from the wearer and deals 1d12 necrotic damage to everyone within 10′
5. The threads actually appear as distorted negative space, and can be used to create backpacks, cuirasses, etc with an extra two inventory slots.
6. The fibers display strange, facelike patterns, and if listened to astutely, it can be heard speaking. The voices are drawn from conversations occurring within a 400′ of the wearer. It takes d8 minutes to isolate a particular conversation by voice, content, etc. The voices fade if no one is around.
7. As above, but you’re the armor is trying to communicate with you using snippets of conversation. It even starts talking when no one is nearby.
8. Rapidly reforming, the armor pulsates and undulates. Once per combat, you can use your action to make a 20′ spike shoot out of the armor at incredible speeds before shrinking back in, dealing 1d20 damage to anyone in the way.


HD2 AC naked Speed Slow Int Toddler Mor 0 (will never fight)
Entropic Instability- The cavari explodes when near sources of entropy. Furnaces, engines, machines, too many humans, a collapsing tower, etc. The explosion deals 10d6 damage in a 100′ radius.
Time Extraction- Cavari are often used to extract time in potable form. What can liquid time do? That depends on you. It should be powerful, valuable, and irreplaceable.


HD1 AC naked Speed Slow Int Human Mor 0 (will never fight)
Augury– The Vikaz can see the future with its big eye, but needs time to do this. This manifests as XP drain, as the time given to the creature is literally taken out of the donor’s previous life. By giving up 1d6!x1000 XP, a person can a clear answer about their future specifically. (The exclamation point denotes exploding die, which means that on a roll of 6, the die is rolled again and the previous result is added to the new.)


HD6 AC leather Speed Slow Int Amoeba Mor 10 (too stupid to run)
Resistance- The creature lacks innards, and only takes half damage from everything, and is immune to poison, toxins, and critical strikes
Slow Maw- A 30′ cone in front of the zira is slowed whenever it opens its mouth. Characters in that area may only act once every other round.
Aging Maw- Same area as above, but everyone in the area ages 1d20 years. It will only activate this if it is about to die.

The mouth of the zira is actually quite warm as a general rule, and can protect a single person from damage and exposure. Two, if they don’t mind intimacy. The maw can also be warmed to forge temperatures by feeding the zira a few stone of radioactive ore.


HD4 AC leather Thrash 1d6 (hits all in melee) Speed Normal Int Territorial Bird Mor 5
Sudden Replication- The danta can suddenly cause d66 clones of itself to burst out of itself. This deals 1d12 damage to all in d12+10 ft, double in close quarters.


HD2 AC leather Punch 1d4 Speed Normal, can climb Int Clever Monkey Mor 4
Temporal Scream– The tagkara can compress many of its screams into one, generating a devastating sonic attack. Everything within a 20′ cone in front of the creature takes 12d6 sonic damage, Save vs Dodge/Breath for Half.
Noisy- The creature vocalizes constantly and loudly, thus making it difficult to focus on wizarding or delicate tasks. The distraction gives -0.5 per tagkara to all rolls that may require focus. (GLOG wizards gain a hazard die- only counts for doubles or triples- per three creatures). Theses creatures come in packs of 1d8+1.


HD1 AC leather Bite 1d4 Speed Slug Int Insect Mor 2
Phased- Anytime the zayalu is attacked, it can phase out of existence right when the attack strikes, giving a 90% miss chance.
Phasing- Attaching the leech-like zayalu to oneself allows them to phase out at opportune times. Every attached zayalu gives a 1 in 10 chance of disappearing right as they are attacked, but they have the same chance to disappear when they attack as well. This also gives them a chance to phase through walls and obstacles by running at them at a dead sprint, but the chance must be re-rolled for every 5 feet traversed. Attaching ten zayalu causes the creature to disappear for 1d1000 years (how long it takes for one of them to die)

Bhuj Germ

HD0 AC leather Speed Slowly floats Int Obsessive Human Mor X
Time Parasitization- A creature that the Bhuj attaches to ages at double rate.
Growth- The parasite grows as it sucks time, gaining an HD every month it is attached, growing over more and more of the host’s body. When the HD of the parasite equals the host, the parasite takes over completely, appearing as a sack of oily green flesh roughly in the shape of the original, and wanders around trying to implant its young.
Time Clone- When the parasite is killed, it time clones itself after 1d12 days with one less HD.

Bhuj Adult

Int as Human, Morale X, Other stats and special attacks as host
Spore Implant- By jabbing a target with a syringe-like appendage, the Bhuj can implant its pore-like young. They usually do this to dead targets, which immediately decay and release a swarm of floating bhuj young. But against a living target, it ages them 1d100 years for three rounds, no save. This reduces the bhuj to 1 HP.


Stats as a bat.

Often seen sifting through ash, water, dirt, and so on.

Aka Seed

The seed looks like a wrinkly black almond. It has no effect, but many consider them to be good luck charms. I encourage you to tell your players the same. After a 1d20 years it will sprout.

Aka Sapling

A beautiful twisting vine, impossibly big next to the seed. The sapling also has no effect, but is rumored to be even luckier than the seeds. However, every year it is carried, there is a 1 in 100 chance that it will grow a bud that blooms. The flower is a panacea, and a potent anti-agathic. Really, it returns the eater to their physical prime (25), and any damage or diseases they gained after that age are gone. This does not cure madness. or mental afflictions.

After 1d20 years, the sapling will suddenly and fully grow into whatever it’s adult form is, before immediately decaying to ash, all faster than the human eye can see. Anything in 10′ radius cylinder with 400′ height takes all the d6’s you have in damage.


Candra is identical to bamboo from a distance. It has no stat block. However, some varieties can be made into charms or other items. The vast majority of these are useless from age or damage, and many have negligible effects, in any case.

1d20 Candra Bamboo Charms and Items
1. Auldwood Charm- Dark, pale green. Every ten years you instead age only nine.
2. Roof Candra Charm- Brown with red splotches. Fall slower. Only noticeable to birds.
3. Bending Plain Charm- Featureless tan. Move very slightly faster if wind is blowing.
4. Blood Grove Dreamcatcher- Blood red. Gain 1 xp for everyone you killed today, if you sleep with this over your head.
5. Skewlands Charm- Dark green, strangely easy to stand up. Time doesn’t pass for you if you stand on an incline of at last 75 degrees. Lasts one round before the charm breaks.
6. Skewlands Powder- Claimed to be an erection enhancer of unparalleled potency. Useless.
7. Pipe Candra Vessel- Gray with white spots. A cylinder of bamboo, made to hold liquid. Basically a kind of bad thermos. Only keeps things cool for 2 hours, half that for hot liquid.
8. Recursion Shoot Charm- Green but with fringes of red. The wearer has a 1 in 100 chance of reviving after death.
9. Purity Shoot Straw- Translucent green-yellow. Water passing through this straw will be purified. The star is about a millimeter wide.
10. Millennial Orchid Charm- A simple blackish shoot of bamboo that has a 1d1000 chance each year to bloom into a beautiful and otherwise useless flower. Will definitely impress that girl you like.
11. Cowering Candra Charm- Thin and off-white. Will shrink by about 5% length when danger (to the bamboo) is nearby. The longest ones are 10 inches.
12. Crater Slopes Charm- Gray skin, but pale multihued flesh. The effects of poison, radiation, and other toxins will have a 1 in 2 chance to be delayed for one round.
13. Eternity Wood Charm- Grainy texture, yellow and green. Rumored to reverse aging when worn, but will probably have no effect. In truth, the charms are always part of a set, and anyone wearing one appears as the average (actual) age of everyone wearing one from the same set. This doesn’t actually increase your lifespan, and there isn’t any easy way to tell which charms are linked to each other, so better hope that an elf isn’t wearing one.
14. Polar String Charm- Highly flexible but heavy, dappled grey and green. Compasses within 100′ point to it instead.
15. Withering Blue Charm- Turquoise, plump shoots. Food spoils twice as fast within 10′ of the charm. Good for making cheese.
16. Grand Height Arrow- Carved from featureless gray bamboo. As the arrow ages, it grows more deadly. For every power of ten years since it was crafted, the arrow gains +1 damage and flies twice as far.
17. Purging Forest Charm- Stubby and blue, these charms, when swallowed whole, will void the stomach of anything that has been swallowed.
18. Zaral Valley Pipe- The vibrant, almost glowing dark green. When used as a pipe, it is rumored to improve memory, in addition to infusing the tobacco with an incredible flavor. Gives 5% bonus xp if smoked daily. Very rare and expensive.
19. Antediluvian Horn Charm- Sections are whorled instead of segmented, and alternate yellow-green and off-white. Ancient creatures will target the wearer last.
20. Lonely Stand Charm- Darkest green, almost black. Quadruples the wearer’s natural lifetime, although they still appear as their proportional age.


HD6 AC chain Bite 1d12 Speed Slow or Very Fast when rolled up Int Reptilian Mor 6
Rolling Attack- The matya’s mouth latches onto its end and rolls itself around like a hoop snake. The attack does damage in a line along the creature’s movement, dealing 1d8+4 damage 1d6!+1 times, as it rewinds the moment over and over again. Save vs Dodge to negate all attacks. This attack requires a round of wind up.
Camouflaged- The matya’s natural camouflage means it is hidden when standing still.


HD5 AC chain Swing 1d12! Speed Very Fast Int Furious and stupid Mor 9
Amplified Swing- Once per combat, the creatures arm can swing with much greater force, shattering stone and wood with ease and dealing triple damage (3d12!)
Resurrection– An hour after the balaf dies, it revives with half health, unless the body is destroyed entirely. All varieties have this ability.

Blinder Balaf

HD4 AC chain Swing 1d8! Speed Very Fast Int Furious and stupid Mor 6
Amplified Swing- Once per combat, the creatures arm can swing with much greater force, shattering stone and wood with ease and dealing triple damage (3d8!)
Blinding Spray– Every round, the balaf’s arm sprays a blinding poison at a target, 1d6 rounds, save vs poison to reduce to 1 round.

Choker Balaf

HD6 AC chain Swing 1d12! Speed Very Fast Int Furious and stupid Mor 7
Amplified Swing- Once per combat, the creatures arm can swing with much greater force, shattering stone and wood with ease and dealing triple damage (3d12!)
Tar Spray– The balaf’s arm sprays a tar like substance around itself. Anyone within 10′ must Save vs dodge or be stuck in place one round.

Long-tongue Balaf

HD4 AC chain Swing 1d6! Speed Very Fast Int Passive mammalian hunter Mor 4
Amplified Swing- Once per combat, the creatures arm can swing with much greater force, shattering stone and wood with ease and dealing triple damage (3d6!)
Sensitive Tongue– The balaf can flick its tongue through the air, and sense anything by scent within ten miles.

Red Wolf Balaf

HD3 AC chain Swing 1d6! Speed Very Fast Int Wolf Mor 7
Amplified Swing- Once per combat, the creatures arm can swing with much greater force, shattering stone and wood with ease and dealing triple damage (3d6!)
Pack Hunters– These balaf always hunt in packs, with 3d4 appearing. If a balaf has attack a target this turn, every other balaf has advantage against that target.

Great Stone Balaf

HD10 AC chain Swing 1d20!+2 Speed Very Fast Int Tiger+Trapdoor spider Mor 7
Amplified Swing- Once per combat, the creatures arm can swing with much greater force, shattering stone and wood with ease and dealing triple damage (3d20!+6)
Camouflaged- The balaf’s natural camouflage means it is hidden when standing still.
Ambush Hunter- The balaf gains an extra surprise round if it surprises its enemy.
Regeneration- This creature regains the health lost to the largest damage attack that hit it this round.
The size of a watchtower.

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