d10 Cursed Items

Cursed items. Who doesn’t love ’em? You pick them up, and they stick with you, either killing you or by simply refusing to permanently leave your inventory. Their effects are powerful and/or detrimental. Without further ado, ten for your consideration.

  1. Sphere of Order. Cold to the touch. Perfect mirror. Once it is bound to you, you can’t move unless it is on you. Allows you and the DM to each replace one of your rolls with its statistical average each day. You may not critically fail or succeed. Broken if you get two critical rolls of either type in a row.
  2. Pentacular Disc. Pentagram hanging off a choker. Your stat modifiers decrease by one. Whenever you roll a 5, 10, 15, or 20 on a d20 your stat modifiers increase by one. Alternatively, your stats decrease by 4 but increase on an even d20 roll. Stacks infinitely but resets at the end of the day.
  3. Five Rings of Fate. Each is gold, silver, and copper. Every ring you put on reduces your max health by one/two/whatever is appropriate for your campaign. Even one ring should be significant. You may change the results of any of your rolls or any rolls that affect you to a value equal to or less than the number of rings you are wearing. One use per day per possible value. Despite the name, it is possible to get ten, though it might kill you.
  4. Wild Circlet. Gold and oak. Every night, instead of sleeping, you transform into a random animal local to your current area. Save to retain control, easier for non-predatory animals. The circlet will become a pattern on your fur/antlers/whatever. You are still intelligent. Animals of your species will recognize you as their king/queen, and obey your command as loyal guards and vassals.
  5. Mark of Lamentation. A leaden disc, marked with an S voided in the middle. Sinks into your skin, leaving the pattern visible on your body. You roll damage twice and deal double the higher result. You take the lower result.
  6. Lupide Cowl. A wolf headdress, baring fangs. The arms wrap around your chest, strangling you if you try to take it off. You may transform into a wolf once per day. Save to end after an hour, then again after a day, then a week, month, and year. If you fail this last save, the transformation is permanent. You can only eat meat, and you can never retreat from battle.
  7. Anhydrite Child. A small idol in the shape of a baby, carved of light-blue stone. Separating it from your body causes you to take 1d6 psychic damage per hour until it is returned to you. Any time you take damage, the idol takes the same amount. It has as much health as you do. If it reaches zero health, it hatches into a nightmare demon that chases you down and eats you. It you manage to gain 3 levels/15000xp (whichever is less, adjust as needed) it hatches into a nightmare demon that helps you once a day. Regardless, it takes on your mannerisms, ideals, and bits of your appearance.
  8. Lotus of the Skin. A lotus flower, formed out of pointed crimson red petals. Sinks into your palm, leaving a tattoo, and extrudes again when in use. Can cast sleep, suggestion, and mind fog. Requires blood, one sacrifice per day. Each spell requires one/two/three sacrifices (and a day) to replenish. Alternatively, each sacrifice restores one MD for GLOG systems. It will start to drain your blood if it isn’t fed.
  9. Psychic Teratoma. Malignant, in both meanings of the word. Grants you 1st level powers as a psionic, and makes you more murderous and cruel. The effects increase as the cancer progresses. At level 4 the cancer is terminal, but you have cool psychic powers.
  10. Your Own Skin. Your skin comes off at will (not always yours) and can attack and move independently. This is mostly strangling/binding but if you give it a corpse to wrap around it can attack more normally, though poorly. It could also imitate you, I suppose. It is as intelligent as you, and you are always aware of its location, as it is of yours. Has a tendency to wander off at inconvenient times. Desires some independence. You take double damage without your skin. A cursed item you’re trying to keep instead of get rid of.

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  1. Ooh the last two are especially nice. Curses that grant interesting abilities are much more engaging than -2 to whatever.

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