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  • Deep Time

    Puerocene Era Entire animal kingdom possesses unusually and uniformly long lives that are spent primarily in a state of relative immaturity, followed by a final growth spurt into adulthood and sexual maturity, followed by death shortly after. Ancestral demi-humans first… Read More ›

  • Distant Lands: Elhugardh

    “…from my time with the Dwarrows of that citadel Irmen-Barad, the author learned that to the far north of the mountains exists a series of valleys most isolated from the rest of the world. Only one pass into this land… Read More ›

  • Distant Lands: Arluntalath

    “… in the south of the great lands East of Cataclysm and of the Great Black Mountains, there is a land of great riches and fertile fields the like of which the author has rarely seen, this land being ARLUNTALATH…. Read More ›

  • The Elf-Eaters

    Half-elves are like humans. They function almost exactly the same as humans. Cut open an elf and you’ll find a heart and a brain and lungs and guts right where you would a human. A half-elf won’t live any longer… Read More ›

  • Rizalach (and also the Wizards)

    A Rizalach is a type of elemental, created by magic users to serve them. But to understand their creation, we have to talk a bit about the Wizards. It is said all Wizards of the times after the Cataclysm are blasphemers… Read More ›

  • Agarandir

    This is the excerpt for your very first post.