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  • You’re doing Changelings all wrong.

    NOTE: I wrote the first draft of this a while ago, didn’t like how it turned out, and then realized Arnold Kemp did something very similar with his Doppelgangers post before hand, so I dropped it. However, in the interest… Read More ›

  • Prominent Fleshcrafting Cults

    Shenti-jia The Puissant Guild of Shenti-jia specializes in the creation of contingents of giant flesh soldiers called the Fleshguards. They stand 10 feet tall and wield massive glaives and come fully equipped with armor. All their war atronachs are of… Read More ›

  • Fleshcrafter Cults

    DisCLAIMER: HEAVILY UNTESTED The fleshcrafters practice a trade as useful as it is distasteful in the eyes of many would be rulers. Through the arts of transmutation, animation, and the usage of the enigmatic blood silos, they produce servitors and… Read More ›

  • Suns, Moons, and Boring Astronomy

    If you read this blog, you may have played a fantasy game at some point. You may have played many. You may have noticed something similar about all the worlds you experience and create. The sky across many of them… Read More ›

  • Distant Lands: Half-Light

    “…and there the author found himself staring west into the great maw of Nuria, the purportedly endless caves that wind beneath these parts of the Earth, or the whole Earth as some claim. Carved into the base and the walls… Read More ›

  • Deep Time

    Puerocene Era Entire animal kingdom possesses unusually and uniformly long lives that are spent primarily in a state of relative immaturity, followed by a final growth spurt into adulthood and sexual maturity, followed by death shortly after. Ancestral demi-humans first… Read More ›

  • Distant Lands: Elhugardh

    “…from my time with the Dwarrows of that citadel Irmen-Barad, the author learned that to the far north of the mountains exists a series of valleys most isolated from the rest of the world. Only one pass into this land… Read More ›

  • Distant Lands: Arluntalath

    “… in the south of the great lands East of Cataclysm and of the Great Black Mountains, there is a land of great riches and fertile fields the like of which the author has rarely seen, this land being ARLUNTALATH…. Read More ›

  • The Elf-Eaters

    Half-elves are like humans. They function almost exactly the same as humans. Cut open an elf and you’ll find a heart and a brain and lungs and guts right where you would a human. A half-elf won’t live any longer… Read More ›

  • Rizalach (and also the Wizards)

    A Rizalach is a type of elemental, created by magic users to serve them. But to understand their creation, we have to talk a bit about the Wizards. It is said all Wizards of the times after the Cataclysm are blasphemers… Read More ›